Hard to Stomach

Dr John McKenna
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'You are what you eat' has an element of truth! A clear descriptive guide to how our digestive system works and how it can go wrong. Gives key information on how we can improve our health.

This book in the process of a reprint and will be available the first week of August.

‘You are what you eat’ may be considered just an old saying, but like most old sayings, it has an element of truth. Our digestive system is the focal point of our body. The ability to absorb nutrients from our food is the key to our survival and a healthy digestive system is vital for our general well being. However, in our rushed, modern lifestyles it is often unintentionally abused, causing our health to deteriorate from the inside out.

Many illnesses, from chronic diseases such as cancer to many modern allergies can be traced to underlying intestinal problems. Dr John McKenna gives a clear description of our digestive system, how it works and how it can go wrong. Drawing from his experience of treating hundreds of patients with digestive problems, he has given us a guide that is highly informative yet easy to read and even humorous in places.

He looks at both conventional and alternative medicine, showing the reader how to combine both practices to their own advantage. Most importantly, he emphasises how critical the digestive tract is to our physical, mental and emotional well being, providing us with the foundation for good health.

More Information
ISBN/EAN 9780717133697
Author Dr John McKenna
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 3 May 2002
Format Paperback
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