Guerilla Days in Ireland is the extraordinary story of the fight between two unequal forces, which ended in the withdrawal of the British from twenty-six counties.

Seven weeks before the truce to the Anglo-Irish War of July, 1921, the British presence in County Cork consisted of 8,800 front line infantry troops, 1,150 Black & Tan soldiers, 540 Auxiliaries, 2,080 machine gun corps, artillery and other units; a total of over 12,500 men.

Against these British forces stood the Irish Republican Army whose Flying Columns never exceeded 310 riflemen in the whole of County Cork.

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ISBN/EAN 9781781171714
Author Tom Barry
Publisher Mercier Press
Publication date 1 Aug 2013
Format Paperback
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Guerilla Days in Ireland

In this book, Tom Barry describes the setting up of the West Cork Flying Column, a small group of severely disciplined yet extremely dedicated group of volunteers. Their paramount objective was merely to exist; to strike when conditions were favorable and to avoid disaster at all costs.

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