Bhi cail ar Fhionn Mac Cumhaill riamh mar gheall ar a fholt brea orga ach sa sceal seo insitear mar a thainig dath liath ar a chuid gruaige. Mar is dual do na scealta Fiannaiochta agus don insint nua bhriomhar ata deanta ag Tadhg Mac Dhonnagain orthu sa tsraith seo, ta idir eachtraiocht, draiocht agus daonnacht i gceartlar gach aon cheann acu. Tugann learaidi Kieron Black an t-iomlan chun beochta.

Fionn Mac Cumhaill had always been known for his flowing golden locks but this story tells of how his hair turned grey. Another classic tale from the Fenian cycle retold with wit and style and illustrated to the same high standards as the other books in the series. Two sisters turn ther strong and handsome Fionn into a grey old man.

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ISBN 9781857917741
Author Tadhg Mac Dhannagain
Publisher An Gum
Publication date 20 Sep 2012
Format Paperback / Bog
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Gruaig Fhinn

Tadhg Mac Dhannagain

When the smith’s daughters, Áine and Maoluachra meet the young, handsome chieftain, they both are bowled over by Fionn’s charming good manners.

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