Did Hitler - code name: `Grey Wolf' - really die in 1945? In a riveting scenario that has never been fully investigated until now, international journalist Gerrard Williams and military historian Simon Dunstan make a powerful case for the Fuhrer's escape to a remote enclave in Argentina - along with other key Nazis - where he is believed to have lived comfortably until 1962.

Following years of meticulous research, the authors reconstruct the dramatic plot, including astonishing evidence and compelling testimony, some only recently declassified. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781402796197
Author Simon Dunstan, Gerrard Williams (Authors)
Publisher Sterling
Publication date 5 Mar 2013
Format Paperback
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Grey Wolf : The Escape of Adolf Hitler

Simon Dunstan, Gerrard Williams (Authors)

Impossible to put down, Grey Wolf unravels an extraordinary story that flies in the face of history.

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