It captures the significant historical events of the past 400 years in the words of their participants, from those speeches given in times of war and sorrow, such as Winston Churchill's This Was Their Finest Hour, to those delivered at moments of hope, such as Barack Obama's election victory address.

Other speeches include Charles I, Statement at the Trial of Charles Stuart, King of England; Susan B. Anthony, On a Woman's Right to Vote; John F. Kennedy, Ich bin ein Berliner; and Nelson Mandela, Inaugural Address. These speeches are arranged in chronological order for easy reference, and each speech is prefaced by an introduction and illustrated with an image of the speaker. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781784042219
Author John Boyes
Publisher Arcturus
Publication date 15 Nov 2018
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Great Speeches : Words that Shaped the World (Hardback)

Great Speeches : Words that Shaped the World (Hardback)

John Boyes
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Great Speeches collects over forty of the most powerful and stirring addresses delivered in the English language. Arranged in chronological order for easy reference, this book comes with a free CD of recordings of these great speeches.

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