Thousands of thoughts run through our minds every day, forming an inner story or soundtrack that controls our lives. This internal voice can be critical, sabotaging our attempts to achieve the things we want.

By tuning into and becoming more aware of the stories we are telling ourselves, we can free ourselves from the thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back. Through journaling, meditation and self-enquiry we can begin to train our thoughts and mind to support us in the pursuit of our dreams, opening up to a fresh new outlook and appreciation for life as it is rather than life as we feel it should be.

'A transformative guide for anyone looking to make a serious change in their life.' Yung Pueblo, New York Times bestselling author

'Fit Mind will change your life for the better.' Geoff Thompson, Bafta-winning writer

'A journey from the head to the heart ... encourages all of us to learn to listen deeply, building trust and connection with ourselves.' Dr Easkey Britton, surfer and author of Saltwater in the Blood

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ISBN/EAN 9780717191321
Author Pat Divilly
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 15 Dec 2021
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Fit Mind: 8 weeks to change your inner soundtrack and tune into your greatness

Fit Mind: 8 weeks to change your inner soundtrack and tune into your greatness

Alongside concepts, ideas and new perspectives, this book contains an eight-week practical programme for mental and emotional fitness.

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