Ever felt like you were being taken advantage of? Michael Fingleton ran Irish Nationwide Building as his own personal banking fiefdom, taking it from the dizzy heights of success and eventually bringing it down at a cost of €5.4 billion to the Irish taxpayer.

One of the architects of the most debilitating financial crisis that this country has experienced, he certainly knew how to enjoy himself. Ultimately all at our expense! He has escaped scrutiny until now but here the authors reveal a more intriguing and complex character than other bankers who hit the headlines in recent years.

Fingleton quaffed champagne, dined in the finest restaurants, stayed in the most lavish of hotels and partied whilst the rest of us were left with a tab that we didn't even know about at the time.

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ISBN 9780717155835
Author Richard Curran and Tom Lyons
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 30 Sep 2013
Format Paperback
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Fingers: The Man who brought down Irish Nationwide

Richard Curran and Tom Lyons

This book will take readers into the world of Michael Fingleton, providing an insight into the personality, career and power of a man who took a tiny building society from obscurity to profitability and then to ruin.


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