Some of the people profiled are little known outside Ireland, like Sir Boyle Roche, to whom is attributed the phrase "What has posterity ever done for us?" and J.P. Mahaffy, who said "In Ireland the inevitable never happens." But the majority are famous names not only in Ireland but far beyond.

Beginning with Saint Patrick, and coming right up to date with outstanding Irish figures of the present day, this book celebrates the diversity of Irish genius and its contribution, not only to the life and politics of Ireland, but to the world.

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ISBN 9780862817596
Author Martin Wallace
Publisher Appletree Press
Publication date 1 Jan 1999
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Famous Irish Lives (Gift hardback)

Famous Irish Lives (Gift hardback)

In this parade of Ireland’s greatest men and women, the reader can make a personal judgement of a gallery of heroes and heroines, saints and sinners as any country can muster.

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