Many have appeared in previous publications by Derek Mahon, Adaptations (2006) and Raw Material (2011) — to which are now added, among others, new poems based on Ovid, Corbière, Laforgue and 'Gopal Singh', the author's own invention.

The Propertius, T'ang, trobairitz and Nerval sequences are here, together with 'The Seaside Cemetery', a much admired version of Valéry's 'Le Cimetière marin'; and choruses from the plays.

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ISBN/EAN 9781852355661
Author Derek Mahon
Publisher Gallery Press
Publication date 24 Oct 2013
Format Paperback
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Echo's Grove - Derek Mahon

Translated or ‘adapted’ from their original languages, Echo’s Grove comprises a wide range of poems both ancient and modern.

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