What does he hope to gain by telling her this now, thirty years on? How can her adored dad Ralph not be her true father? And why did her mother betray her so badly? She had accepted Sally's many faults, and her reluctance to ever speak of the past.

But faced with this staggering deception, Alice knows she must uncover the whole truth about her mother. Whatever the cost. As Alice journeys into the past she discovers her mother may never have been the woman she claimed to be .

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ISBN/EAN 9781405951340
Author Lesley Pearse
Publisher Penguin
Imprint Michael Joseph
Publication date 25 May 2023
Format Paperback
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Deception (Paperback)

After the funeral of her mother, Sally, Alice Kent is approached by a man named Angus Tweedy. He claims to be her father and tells her that he served time in prison for marrying Sally bigamously. 

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