The Celts dominated Ireland from their arrival around 700BCE to the early fifth century, taking the country from the bronze age to the iron age. Some Celtic tribes lived peacefully alongside the native Irish while others took what they wanted by force. Eventually though, they more or less became one people and though some historians don’t like the use of the word ‘Celtic’, it’s as good a word as any to describe the Irish people of the time.

Irish Celts took on a flavour of their own – they were different in lots of ways to the other Celtic tribes living in Europe and even across the Irish Sea in Britain. Even after Saint Patrick arrived on Irish soil, many pagan Celtic practices stayed the same for many centuries and still now, Ireland considers itself a Celtic country. Come now on a journey to discover what these ‘barbarians’ were really like – what they believed in, how they lived and died and whether they were as DEADLY! as we have been told.

Accessible, fun (you might even say anarchic!) and crammed to the rafters with cartoons and wacky illustrations, this book is as deadly as Irish history gets!

John Farrelly was born and raised in a village just outside Newry, Co. Down. After dropping out of art college because all he wanted to do was write stories and draw pictures, he became a freelance caricature artist. He always did a full day's work - he just spread it over the whole week. Finally, after a three-day siege, where no one was injured and all hostages were released, The O'Brien Press let him write stories and draw pictures. Companion to Deadly Irish History: The Vikings (9781788491037)

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ISBN/EAN 9781788491303
Author John Farrelly
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Publication date 11 Sep 2020
Format Paperback
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Deadly Irish History : The Celts

John Farrelly
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Fun and engaging non-fiction for children. Humorous black and white illustrations throughout. Ideal for fans of 'Horrible Histories'. Perfect for schools and libraries 10+

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