Things haven't been easy for Jessie since her brother James - sports star and popular kid - died.

Her mum and dad are lost in grief and she's feeling isolated at school; when the popular girls on her dance team give her a hard time, she just can't seem to remember the routines and Jessie can still see James, talk to him, or quarrel with him, more like! They always bickered when James was alive, so why change now? But James might turn out to be her unlikely saviour.

Along with Alan, the dorky new boy, can he give Jessie the confidence to show the rest of the dance team what she's got … and help her and her parents on the road towards healing?

Funny, sharp and poignant, a story about living with a ghost, and the pain of letting go.

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ISBN/EAN 9781847171856
Author P.R. Prendergast
Publisher The O'Brien Press
Publication date 20 Sep 2010
Format Paperback
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Dancing In The Dark

P.R. Prendergast
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Part of a dance team who have turned from friends to enemies. Dealing with her dead brother’s ghost, things sure have changed for Jessie and they aren’t easy!

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