After civil war, can the winners commemorate their victory, hailing their conquering heroes with the blood of their former comrades still fresh on their boots? Or should they cover themselves in shame and hope that the nation soon forgets?

In this new book, Anne Dolan explores the tensions between memory and forgetting in twentieth-century Ireland. By examining the memory of winning the Irish Civil War, she discusses the extent to which it has been used to serve party political ends, where private grief finds consolation when the dead have fallen from political favour, and how the dead are remembered when no one wanted to fight the war.

The book addresses the Irish Civil War at its most public point: at the statues and crosses, and in the ritual and rhetoric of commemoration. It will be of central interest to all students and scholars of European history and politics.

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ISBN/EAN 9780521026987
Author Anne Dolan
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publication date 20 Jun 2004
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Commemorating the Irish Civil War History and Memory, 1923–2000

Commemorating the Irish Civil War History and Memory, 1923–2000

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