Cluasa Capaill ar an Rí

Bridget Bhreathnach
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When a child is born to the queen of the country, she and the king are very worried: the child has the ears of a horse. Will the people of the country accept their son, Labhraí? Will he himself be king of the land?

This is an old story about the courage that sometimes takes time to tell the truth, no matter what others think.

The age-old Irish story of Labhraí Loingseach, the king with horse's ears, is an international folktale, told in different versions across he world. In this beautiful new version, Labhraí's dilemma is given added drama and emotion by Bridget Bhreathnach's soulful retelling and Shona Shirley Macdonald's extraordinary illustrations.

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ISBN/EAN 9781910945605
Author Bridget Bhreathnach
Publisher Futa Fata
Publication date 8 Jul 2021
Format Hardback / Crua
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