Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-91), leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party form 1880 to 1890, was hailed in his own time as 'the uncrowned king of Ireland' and remains a national icon.

During the 1870's he clinically employed parliamentary obstruction, forced the Liberal government to concede the major land acts of 1881 and 1882, and brought Ireland within sight of a national self-government when Gladstone adopted Home Rule in 1886. The 'Chief' fell from this position of power when is long affair with Katharine O'Shea became a public scandal in November 1890.

This book examines Parnell's career and the making of his historical reputation, suggesting that, beyond his nationalist credentials, he was an exemplar of Walter Bagehot's concept of political representation. It also highlights his importance as a pioneer of new forms of political communication, made possible by the general increase in literacy and rapid transmission of information through the press.

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ISBN/EAN 9780852211366
Author Alan O'Day
Publisher Dundalgan
Publication date 1 Jan 1998
Format Paperback
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Charles Stewart Parnell (Life and Times13 )

Alan O'Day
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This is the thirteenth book in a series of short biographical studies published by the Historical Association of Ireland.

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