'If Gageby had not broken the mould, the paper might not have survived. It owes its colossal successes to the labour of many hands, but overwhelmingly it owes them to one man.'  James Downey

'There are many differences between Douglas Gageby and me: age, politics, accent, to start with. But the greatest difference was that whereas I disliked but respected him, he disliked me and felt no respect for me whatsoever.'  Kevin Myers

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ISBN/EAN 9781899047666
Author Andrew Whittaker (editor)
Publisher A&A Farmar
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Bright, Brilliant Days: Douglas Gageby and The Irish Times

Bright, Brilliant Days: Douglas Gageby and The Irish Times

Andrew Whittaker (editor)
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A glittering array of writers celebrate (or dissect) the work and career of the great editor who transformed The Irish Times. With contributions from Maeve Binchy, Kevin Myers, John Bowman, and many more.

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