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  1. Through Irish Eyes (Hardback)
    Malachy McCourt
    A Visual Companion to Angela McCourt's Ireland
  2. The Fertile Rock : Seasons in the Burren
    Carsten Krieger
    Special Price €40.00 Regular Price €47.00
  3. In Hinde Sight : Postcards from Ireland Past
    Paul Kelly
    Special Price €15.99 Regular Price €19.99
    Despite the famously uncooperative Irish weather, John Hinde's postcards of Ireland featured bright sunshine and blue skies, a country seemingly peopled entirely with redheads, happy donkeys carrying turf, and charming cottages that appeared to grow upward from the earth itself. 
  4. The Skelligs: Islands on the Edge of the World
    Peter Cox
    Explore the Skelligs as they’ve never been seen before. This book will give you a taste of how the monks and lighthouse builders might have experienced Skellig Michael. 128 pages with dramatic, never before seen photographs showing the islands in all their moods, from stormy and brooding to calm and peaceful. A wonderful addition to any c
  5. Old Ireland in Colour
    John Breslin & Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley
    Old Ireland in Colour brings to life the rich history of Ireland and the Irish through the colour restoration of these stunning images of all walks of Irish life throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 
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  6. Ireland : Discover its Beauty
    Carsten Krieger
    Spectacular photographs from a great photographer The whole Island covered, chapters divided by province. Features over 250 photographs. Krieger is the author of the bestseller Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way 
  7. Prettycitydublin: Discovering Dublin's Beautiful Places (Pretty City Dublin)
    Siobhan Ferguson
    Special Price €22.99 Regular Price €24.99
    A beautiful coffee table style book, celebrating our gorgeous Capital City.
  8. Wild Britain | Wild Ireland : Unique National Parks, Nature Reserves and Biosphere Reserves
    Monaco Books
    Britain and Ireland have so much to offer. The Gulf Stream is responsible for the development of many unique natural landscapes, and Britain's countless natural wonders have one thing in common: the colour green.
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