World War One

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  1. The North Irish Horse in the Great War
    Phillip Tardif
    Sent to France in August 1914 the North Irish Horse (NIH) were the first British reservist regiment to see action (at Le Cateau) before fighting as rear guard on the long retreat to the outskirts of Paris.
  2. Dublin's Great Wars : The First World War, the Easter Rising and the Irish Revolution
    Professor Richard S. Grayson
    For the first time, Richard S. Grayson tells the story of the Dubliners who served in the British military and in republican forces during the First World War and the Irish Revolution as a series of interconnected 'Great Wars'.
  3. The First World War in 100 Objects
    Peter Doyle
    Objects allow us to reach out and touch the past and they play a living role in history today. OUR LAST COPY
  4. Martello Towers Worldwide
    Bill Clements
    Martello Towers Worldwide follows the history of the Martello tower from the construction of the early towers built to protect the Mediterranean shores of Spain and Italy right up to the final towers built in the United Kingdom during the First World War.
  5. The Forgotten Soldier
    Guy Sajer
    A young man with a French father but a German mother is inducted into the Wermacht in the summer of 1942.
  6. Hidden History : The Secret Origins of the First World War
    Gerry Docherty, James MacGregor
    Hidden History uniquely exposes those responsible for the First World War. It reveals how accounts of the war's origins have been deliberately falsified to conceal the guilt of the secret cabal of very rich and powerful men in London responsible for the most heinous crime perpetrated on humanity.
  7. Divine Illumination : The Oratory of the Sacred Heart, Dún Laoghaire
    Edited by David Gunning, Nigel Curtin and Marian Thérèse Keyes. Introduction by Prof Margaret Mac Curtain
    Commemorating 100 years since the dedication of the Oratory of the Sacred Heart, Ireland’s miniature gem of Celtic Revival Art.
  8. Canto Classics : Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning: The Great War in European Cultural History
    Dr Jay Winter
    Jay Winter's powerful study of the 'collective remembrance' of the Great War offers a major reassessment of one of the critical episodes in the cultural history of the twentieth century.
  9. War beyond Words : Languages of Remembrance from the Great War to the Present
    Dr Jay Winter
    What we know of war is always mediated knowledge and feeling. We need lenses to filter out some of its blinding, terrifying light.
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