The Troubles

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  1. A Force Like No Other
    Colin Breen
    The Last Shift : The Final Selection of Real Stories from the Ruc Men and Women Who Policed the Troubles
  2. Fishers of Men
    Rob Lewis
  3. Belfast Aurora: A Memoir of a Falls Childhood 1971-1973
    Seamus Kelters
    Special Price €13.59 Regular Price €16.99
    In this posthumous memoir from one of the authors of the momentous Troubles chronicle, Lost Lives, Seamus Kelters gives a child’s perspective of the most brutal year of the Troubles in Belfast.
  4. The Year of Chaos
    Malachi O'Doherty
    Special Price €13.99 Regular Price €16.99
    In the eleven months between August 1971 and July 1972, Northern Ireland experienced its worst year of violence. No future year of the Troubles experienced such death and destruction. Drawing on interviews, personal recollections and archival research, O'Doherty takes readers on a journey through the events of that terrible year
  5. Rebel Hearts: Journeys within the IRA's Soul
    Kevin Toolis
    Special Price €7.99 Regular Price €11.99
    Rebel Hearts does not seek to explain the roots of the conflict in Northern Ireland in a direct historical narrative form, but constructs, and reconstructs, its history through a series of connected and highly detailed individual portraits. The book is now updated with two new chapters on all the latest developments.
  6. Reconciling Ireland: Fifty Years of British–Irish Agreements
    Richard Humphreys (ed.)
    Reconciling Ireland is a unique guide to the history of the last half-century, compiling as it does all the texts of the key British⁠–Irish political agreements relating to Northern Ireland for the first time. Forewords by Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  7. The Partition : Ireland Divided, 1885-1925 by Charles Townshend (Author)
    Charles Townshend
    Special Price €24.99 Regular Price €29.99
    A compelling history of the turbulent journey to Irish independence, published for the centenary of the Partitioning the aftermath of the horrors of the Irish Famine, the grim, distrustful relationship between Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom deteriorated into a generations-long argument about 'Home Rule'.
  8. Belfast and Derry in Revolt: A New History of the Start of the Troubles
    Simon Prince & Geoffrey Warner
    Special Price €14.99 Regular Price €19.99
    A fresh and unique perspective on the key defining events of the early period of the Troubles: the Battles of the Bogside, Bombay Street and St Matthews, the Fall’s Road curfew and the Divis Riots. Two richly-detailed stories that intertwine to present a new history of the start of the Troubles.
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