The Irish in World War One

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  1. Shadows from the Trenches Veterans of the Great War and the Irish Revolution (1918-1923)
    Emmanuel Destenay
    Approximately 150,000 Irish officers and men joined the British Army during the First World War. What happened to them when they returned home?
  2. To Raise The Fallen
    Dr Patrick Kenny
    ‘Father Doyle was one of the best priests I have ever met, and one of the bravest men who ever fought or worked out here.’ Major-General Hickie, 16th (Irish) Division Dublin-born military chaplain Willie Doyle SJ died in action during the Battle of Passchendaele on 16 August 1917, having been hit by a German shell while rushing to t
  3. From Scapa to Jutland : The story of HMS Caroline at war from 1914-1917 (Northern Ireland War Memorial)
    John Allison
    Amid the twists and turns of her survival to this day, the story of the light cruiser HMS Caroline spans a century and more.
  4. Unionists and Great War Commemoration in the North of Ireland, 1914-1939: People, Places and Politics
    Catherine Switzer
    This is the first sustained, in-depth study of Great War commemoration in the north of Ireland. Rather than examining commemoration through the writings of unionist politicians and historians, the book explores the kinds of commemorative practices which would have been witnessed in towns and villages across Northern Ireland.
  5. Father Browne’s First World War
    Edited by E. E. O'Donnell
    As the centenary of the First World War draws to a close, there is still great interest in the battles of 1917 and 1918.
  6. U-boats Around Ireland : The Story of the Royal Navy's Coast of Ireland Command in the First World War
    Guy Warner
    In 1914 Ireland was a naval backwater with only one base of any size in Co Cork. However, by the end of World War I, there were 18 naval bases operated by thousands of personnel, hundreds of ships of all sizes and dozens of aircraft.
  7. Social Change and Everyday Life in Ireland, 1850-1922
    Caitriona Clear
    Men and women who were born, grew up and died in Ireland between 1850 and 1922 made decisions - to train, to emigrate, to stay at home, to marry, to stay single, to stay at school - based on the knowledge and resources they had at the time. Extended Catalogue - 1-2 WEEKS DELIVERY
  8. The Road to the Somme: Men of the Ulster Division Tell Their Story
    Philip Orr
    During the 1916 Battle of the Somme in WW1 the Ulster division lost over two thousand men. This book covers the events leading to the Somme – the birth of the UVF in 1912, the aftermath and the bravery that has become iconic in Northern Ireland tradition. TOS
  9. From Ulster to the Dardanelles (Northern Ireland War Memorial)
    Philip Orr
    From Ulster to the Dardanelles focuses on several individuals from the nine-county province of Ulster, who served in the Gallipoli Campaign during the First World War. Northern Ireland War Memorial
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