War of Independence & Civil War 1919 - 1924

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  1. The Burnings 1920
    Pearse Lawlor
    In March 1920, the republican Lord Mayor of Cork, Tomas MacCurtain, was shot dead in his home.
  2. Michael Collins : The Man Who Won the War
    T.Ryle Dwyer
    In this completely revised and updated book, T. Ryle Dwyer, offers a fresh perspective on Collins' activities.
  3. The Handover
    John Gibney and Kate O'Malley
    Dublin Castle and the British Withdrawal from Ireland, 1922
  4. Interned
    James Durney
    The Curragh Internment Camps in the War of Independence
  5. Carson's Army: The Ulster Volunteer Force 1910-22
    Timothy Bowman
    The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) was established in January 1913, as a militant expression of Ulster Unionist opposition to the Third Home Rule Bill. This book will be essential reading for military and Irish historians and their students, and will interest any general reader interested in modern paramilitary forces.
  6. Burning Notes
    James McCormick
    This is a unique book and, in the story of the burning of the Custom House in Dublin on 25 May, 1921 a vitally important one.
  7. Weapons of the Custom House Attack 1921
    Kieran McMullen
    Written by weapons expert Kieran McMullen, author of the acclaimed "Weapons of the Easter Rising" and "Weapons of the Irish War of Independence", this new book looks at one of the most successful engagements by the IRA during the War of Independence, and considers the weapons and tactics engaged in by both the IRA and the Crown Forces.
  8. Thirst for Freedom
    Eddie Bohan
    Alcohol and the battle for Irish independence.
  9. The Terror War
    Joseph E.A. Connell Jnr
    The Uncomfortable Reality of the War of Independence.
  10. Midnight in London The Anglo-Irish Treaty Crisis 1921
    Colum Kenny
    An insight into the Treaty that sparked a Civil War but made modern Ireland
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