Irish National History

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  1. The Colour of Ireland : County by County 1860-1960
    Rob Cross. Introductions by Diarmaid Ferriter & Donal Fallon
    Special Price €18.99 Regular Price €23.99
    The Colour of Ireland: County by County 1860-1960 is a photographic celebration of the history, culture, people and places that make up a century of life in Ireland. Covering all 32 counties, this beautiful, meticulously researched collection takes a past only ever viewed before in black and white and - in glorious colour - breathes fr
  2. Modern Ireland 1600-1972
    Professor R F Foster
    Masterfully blending narrative and interpretation, and R.F. Foster's Modern Ireland: 1600-1972 looks at how key events in Irish history contributed to the creation of the 'Irish Nation'.
  3. Ireland's Pirate Trail: A Quest to Uncover Our Swashbuckling Past
    Des Ekin
    Special Price €10.39 Regular Price €12.99
    Des Ekin embarks on a roadtrip around the entire coast of Ireland, in search of our piratical heritage, uncovering an amazing history of swashbuckling bandits, both Irish-born and imported.
  4. Trinity College Library Dublin : A catalogue of manuscripts containing Middle English and some Old English
    John Scattergood
    The world-famous collection of manuscripts in Trinity College Library Dublin largely consists of items which came to the College in 1661 from the library of Archbishop James Ussher, primate of All Ireland, who had been a fellow and professor there.
  5. An Illustrated History of the Irish Revolution 1916-1923
    Michael Barry
    Special Price €19.99 Regular Price €24.95
    A lavishly illustrated book which brings the Irish Revolution to life. Contains 800 images, many never published before. 1ST EDITION HARDBACK. AUTHOR SIGNED!
  6. The Rivers of Dublin ~ New Revised Edition
    Clair Sweeney
    The Rivers of Dublin is the magnificent new edition of a cherished study of Dublin’s history that ranks as a classic for its stunning illustrations and unparalleled examination of Dublin’s river routes and the ceaseless activity that they inspired.
  7. New Gill History of Ireland: Twentieth-Century Ireland
    Dermot Keogh
    ‘Here is a fair-minded political history which also embraces cultural developments. It seeks to write into Irish history those it feels had previously been written out ; migrant workers, emigrants, itinerants, religious minorities and that other half of the Irish race, women.’  Sunday Tribune ‘D
  8. The Arms Crisis of 1970 : The Plot that Never Was
    Michael Heney
    The arms crisis of 1970 came about when two Irish cabinet ministers, Charles Haughey and Neil Blaney, alongside an army officer and other figures, were accused by Taoiseach Jack Lynch of smuggling arms to the IRA in Northern Ireland.
  9. Without a Dog’s Chance : The Nationalists of Northern Ireland and the Irish Boundary Commission, 1920–1925
    James A. Cousins
    Covering the years 1920–1925, Without a Dog’s Chance is the first major study of Northern nationalists’ role in the Boundary Commission that they, and their allies in the Irish Free State, had hoped to use to end partition and destroy the new Northern state.
  10. Land and Landscape in Nineteenth-Century Ireland
    Úna Ni Bhromeil & Glenn Hooper
    In the unsettled political and social context of nineteenth-century Ireland the land provides a space for negotiation - of identity, of nationality, of ownership.
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