Irish Medieval History

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  1. The Flight of the Earls A Popular History
    Liam Swords
    Flight of the Earls chronicles the history of that momentous occasion when some ninety-nine persons, led by Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone and Rory O’Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnell, sailed from Rathmullan, County Donegal on 14 September 1607. First published in 2007
  2. Brehon Laws : The Ancient Wisdom of Ireland
    Jo Kerrigan
    A fascinating look at the lifestyle and values of ancient Ireland Thousands of years ago, Celtic Ireland was a land of tribes and warriors; but a widely accepted, sophisticated and surprisingly enlightened legal system kept society running smoothly.
  3. The Kings of Ailech and the Vikings : 800-1060 AD
    Darren McGettigan
    This book is an account of Viking activity in the north of Ireland, one of the less well-known episodes in the history of early medieval Ireland.
  4. Life in Ireland: A Short History of a Long Time
    Conor W. O’Brien
    With its castles, crannogs and passage tombs, Ireland is a land where history looms large, but the saga of life on this island dates back millions of years before the first people set foot here. In Life in Ireland, Conor O’Brien guides the reader on a journey around the island to explore the history of natural life here, from the
  5. A Brief History of the Celts
    Peter Ellis
    For centuries the Celts held sway in Europe. Even after their conquest by the Romans, their culture remained vigorous, ensuring that much of it endured to feed an endless fascination with Celtic history and myths, artwork and treasures.
  6. Early Medieval Ireland, AD 400-1100
    Aidan O'SullivanFinbar McCormickThomas KerrLorcan Harney
    Early Medieval Ireland, AD 400-1100 investigates and reconstructs from archaeological evidence how early medieval Irish people lived together as social groups, worked the land as farmers, worshipped God, made and used objects and buried their dead around them. NEW REPRINT WILL BE RELEASED IN MARCH 2021
  7. Earthing the Myths: The Myths, Legends and Early History of Ireland
    Daragh Smyth
    In Ireland, the link between place and myth is strong, and there is no more enlightening way to understand the rich tapestry of Irish mythology, and its relationship to our true history, than by reading the landscape. Earthing the Myths is an engaging and exhaustive county-by-county guide to the vast number of fascinating pla
  8. In Search of Ancient Ireland : The Origins of the Irish from Neolithic Times to the Coming of the English
    Carmel McCaffrey, Leo Eaton
    This engaging book traces the history, archaeology, and legends of ancient Ireland from 9000 B.C., when nomadic hunter-gatherers appeared in Ireland at the end of the last Ice Age to 1167 A.D., when a Norman invasion brought the country under control of the English crown for the first time. M/D - Manufactured on Demand (Delivery could take 2-4
  9. Island of the Setting Sun : In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers
    Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore
    Finally back in print, this reissued edition presents evidence suggesting the builders of monuments such as Newgrange and its Boyne Valley counterparts were adept astronomers, cunning engineers and capable surveyors. 'The sheer amount of information contained within the book is mind-boggling. It is well thought out and structured . .
  10. Journeys of Faith Stories of Pilgrimage from Medieval Ireland
    Louise Nugent
    Pilgrimage has long held a special place in the hearts of Irish people. In medieval times it was one of the most popular forms of personal devotion, and was practiced by men, women and children from all social classes.
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