Set Descending Direction
  1. The Premonition : A Pandemic Story
    Michael Lewis
    'A knowing that something is looming around the corner. Like how when the seasons change you can smell Fall in the air right before the leaves change and the wind turns cold.
  2. Antifragile : Things that Gain from Disorder
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    Tough people do. In The Black Swan, Taleb showed us that highly improbable and unpredictable events underlie almost everything about our world.
  3. Economics For Dummies
    Peter Antonioni, Sean Masaki Flynn (Authors)
    >Untangle the jargon and understand how you're involved in everyday economics
  4. Uncharted : How to Map the Future
    Margaret Heffernan
    What do we need to do - and who do we need to be? In her bold and invigorating new book, distinguished businesswoman and author Margaret Heffernan explores the people and organizations who aren't daunted by uncertainty.
  5. Radical Uncertainty (Large Paperback)
    Mervyn King (Author) , John Kay
    When uncertainty is all around us, and the facts are not clear, how can we make good decisions? TOS
  6. Other People's Money : Masters of the Universe or Servants of the People?
    John Kay
    We all depend on the finance sector. We need it to store our money, manage our payments, finance housing stock, restore infrastructure, fund retirement and support new business.
  7. Microeconomics
    Gregory N. Mankiw, Mark P. Taylor
    Now firmly established as one of the leading economics principles texts in the UK and Europe, this exciting, new fifth edition of Microeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw (Harvard University) and Mark P. Taylor (Washington University), has been fully updated.
  8. Economics : A Foundation Course for the Built Environment
    J.E. Manser
    M/D - Manufactured on Demand (Delivery could take 2-4 weeks)
  9. Parry's Valuation and Investment Tables (14 New edition)
    University College of Estate Management
    First published in 1913, Richard Parry's Valuation and Investment Tables has since become an essential tool for students and professionals in the study and practice of valuation and appraisal.
  10. Macroeconomics : A European Perspective
    Olivier Blanchard, Alessia Amighini, Francesco Giavazzi
    This is a truly outstanding textbook that beautifully marries theory, empirics and policy.
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