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  1. Oracle Application Express: Build Powerful Data-Centric Web Apps with APEX
    Arie Geller, Brian Spendolini
    This Oracle Press guide shows how to build and deploy powerful Web applications with Oracle Application Express and features full coverage of the latest version, APEX 5.0This comprehensive volume from Oracle Press offers up-to-date coverage of Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle's rapid development tool for the Web developer.
  2. Using Your Computer: The Beginner's Guide
    Kyle MacRae
    Special Price €7.99 Regular Price €14.99
    Incorporating all the latest developments in technology and software, this manual, now available in paperback, is ideal for anyone who lacks experience or confidence in using a PC.
  3. Angular: Up and Running
    Shyam Seshadri
    This book will demystify Angular as a framework, as well as provide clear instructions and examples on how to get started with writing scalable Angular applications. VERY LOW STOCK
  4. The Art of Deception : Controlling the Human Element of Security
    Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon
    The world's most infamous hacker offers an insider's view of the low-tech threats to high-tech security.
  5. E-Commerce 2019: Business, Technology and Society, Global Edition
    Kenneth C. Laudon, Carol Guercio Traver
    Special Price €14.99 Regular Price €69.99
    NB. This is an old edition, hence lower price to clear.  
  6. Tools and Weapons : The Promise and The Peril of the Digital Age
    Brad Smith, Carol Ann Browne
    Special Price €9.99 Regular Price €17.99
    Microsoft President Brad Smith operates by a simple core belief: when your technology changes the world, you bear a responsibility to help address the world you have helped create.
  7. Information Security Management Metrics : A Definitive Guide to Effective Security Monitoring and Measurement
    W.Krag CISM Brotby
    Spectacular security failures continue to dominate the headlines despite huge increases in security budgets and ever-more draconian regulations Business mathematics & systems, Data encryption Extended Catalogue - TAKES 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY
  8. PRAGMATIC Security Metrics : Applying Metametrics to Information Security
    W.Krag CISM Brotby, Gary Hinson
    Other books on information security metrics discuss number theory and statistics in academic terms. Light on mathematics and heavy on utility, PRAGMATIC Security Metrics: Applying Metametrics to Information Security breaks the mold. This is the ultimate how-to-do-it guide for security metrics. Data encryption
  9. The Black Swan : The Impact of the Highly Improbable
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    The phenomenal international bestseller that shows us how to stop trying to predict everything - and take advantage of uncertainty.
  10. Refactoring JavaScript
    Evan Burchard
    How often do you hear people say things like this? "Our JavaScript is a mess, but we're thinking about using [framework of the month]." Like it or not, JavaScript is not going away. No matter what framework or "compiles-to-js" language or library you use, bugs and performance concerns will always be an issue if the underlying quality of your Ja
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