Authors Anna Cabrera and Vanessa Murphy met in 2008 and quickly realised that their love for all things food, wine, sangría, vermouth and all the rest made them a perfect match.

Anna, a native of Barcelona, moved to Ireland in 2001, while Vanessa had lived in Spain on and off over the years. It’s safe to say their love of all things Spanish is in their blood. 

The recipes that Anna and Vanessa have shared in this book are the way they love to prepare them. There are thousands of different ways to create so many of these dishes, but that’s the joy of Spain. Each region, city, village, bar and family has their own version that’s been handed down over the years. Hopefully you can now make these your own too.

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ISBN/EAN 9781999379971
Author Anna Cabrera and Vanessa Murphy
Publisher Nine Bean Rows Books
Imprint Blasta Books
Publication date 27 Jul 2023
Format Hardback
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Blasta Books: Wasted (Hardback)

Anna Cabrera and Vanessa Murphy

While there was already a Spanish offering in Ireland, they were missing so many dishes from home and their travels around Spain that the idea for their Dublin restaurant, Las Tapas de Lola, was born.

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