This book is about the personality of Ireland’s most powerful politician during the country’s period of greatest prosperity and potential. It throws light on aspects Bertie Ahern’s character that he managed to hide from public view during most of his high-profile career.

Using material from the Mahon Tribunal's inquiry into his personal and constituency finances it both examines the truth about these matters while also charting the devious strategies Ahern put in place in his efforts to hide the truth. The book reviews his political career using interviews with those both inside and outside his 'Drumcondra Mafia' including many of the leading players in Irish politics during the Ahern years.

It shows how unhealthy financial practices existed from the outset of Ahern's career. It places a particular emphasis on Ahern's unhealthy obsession with money, something he managed to hide for years and considers the striking similarities between Ahern and the late Charles Haughey. It looks at how Ahern's lack of political convictions left him open to being influenced by those with strong opinions while his insecurity and obsession with money may have contributed to his mismanagement of the Irish economy. It shows how his policies combined with his lust for popularity brought Ireland from rude good health to economic disaster.

Lastly it charts the economic history of the Ahern years and puts them in context, so as to illustrate the historical nature of the opportunity that was squandered.

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ISBN 9780717150694
Author Colm Keena
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 20 Aug 2011
Format Paperback
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Bertie: Power and Money

Once hailed as Ireland's greatest politician since Eamon de Valera, Ahern's legacy now includes the near-destruction of a western European economy and the collapse of one of the most successful political parties of the past hundred years. 


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