Harry and Ava are intrepid young adventurers living on a massive space station near the Void - a black hole that swallowed their home planet years ago. Nothing can escape the Void ... or so everyone believes.

So when an unidentified object attacks Vantia1, everyone panics. Can Harry and Ava tackle the Monster from the Void? And what secrets will they discover in the process?Book 2 in this gripping new series. Don't miss Space Wars: Curse of the Robo-Dragon if you want to find out about Harry and Ava's first adventure!

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ISBN/EAN 9781408357910
Author Adam Blade
Publisher Hachette Books
Imprint Orchard Books
Publication date 14 Oct 2021
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Beast Quest: Space Wars: Monster from the Void : Book 2

Children's Fiction Age 8+

Beast Quest: Space Wars: Monster from the Void : Book 2

Adam Blade

Join Harry and Ava as they battle space monsters, in a thrilling new adventure series that's out of this world!

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