He has entrusted each of them with a clue to their past.

But for every truth revealed another question emerges. How did Pa Salt amass his fortune? Why did he choose to adopt the sisters and why were they chosen from such different parts of the world? Have the answers been there all along, if only they had known where to find them?

The sisters must confront the idea that their adored father was someone they barely knew – and, even more shockingly, that his long-buried secrets may still echo through the generations today. In Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, the epic conclusion to the internationally bestselling Seven Sisters series, everything will be revealed at last.

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ISBN 9781529043549
Author Lucinda Riley (Author) , Harry Whittaker
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Imprint Pan Books
Publication date 18 Jul 2024
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt : The epic conclusion to the Seven Sisters series

Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt : The epic conclusion to the Seven Sisters series

Lucinda Riley (Author) , Harry Whittaker
Special Price €9.59 Regular Price €11.99

Discover how the story ends – and how it all began. Maia, Ally, Star, CeCe, Tiggy, Electra and their long-lost missing sister are gathered together for the first time, on board the Titan, to say a final goodbye to the enigmatic father they loved so dearly. 

PUBLISHING: 18 Jul 2024