The Atlas of Irish Rural Landscape is a magnificently illustrated, beautifully written and pioneering introduction to the hidden riches of the Irish landscape. Topics include archaeology, field and settlement patterns, houses, demesnes, villages and small towns, monuments, woodland, bogs, roads, canals, railways, mills, mines, farmsteads, handball alleys, and a host of other features.

The Atlas combines superbly chosen illustrations and cartography with a text amenable to a general reader. Hundreds of maps, diagrams, photographs, paintings allow the Atlas to present a mass of scholarly information in an accessible way, suitable for any school, college or home.

The Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape also has a significant practical dimension. It increases the visibility of the landscape within national heritage and establishes a proper basis for conservation and planning. It explores contemporary changes resulting from the Celtic Tiger, and proposes how to implement necessary change in sympathy with inherited landscape character.

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ISBN/EAN 9781859184592
Author F.H.A. Aalen, Kevin Whelan and Matthew Stout
Publisher Cork University Press
Publication date 20 Oct 2010
Format Hardback
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Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape (Hardback)

F.H.A. Aalen, Kevin Whelan and Matthew Stout

This is a major update of this bestselling work on the Irish landscape. When it appeared in 1997, it was instantly hailed as a pioneering volume in increasing appreciation of the Irish landscape as a crucial component of national heritage.


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