Possessed of an unshakeable work ethic and determination to succeed, all-Ireland winning hurler and manager Davy Fitzgerald has established a reputation as one of the finest hurling talents of his generation. For Davy, however, a man every bit the perfectionist, victory has always come at a cost. His list of playing and managerial honours is matched by a roll call of controversies and arguments.

In this raw and surprisingly vulnerable account of his life in hurling, Fitzgerald confronts his legacy, his fiery reputation and the most enduring controversies of his career, all the while considering the cost pursuit of victory has taken on himself and those closest to him.

Candid and self-aware, it is sure to be one the most talked-about books this year.

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ISBN/EAN 9780717179602
Author Davy Fitzgerald
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 19 Oct 2018
Format Hardback
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At All Costs (Hardback)

Davy Fitzgerald
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At All Costs gets inside the mind of one of GAA's most talked-about personalities.

2018 1st edition hardback

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