Why are measures of stress and anxiety on the rise, when economists and politicians tell us we have never had it so good? While statistics tell us that the vast majority of people are getting steadily richer the world most of us experience day-in and day-out feels increasingly uncertain, unfair, and ever more expensive.
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ISBN/EAN 9781788212793
Author Eric Lonergan, Mark Blyth
Publisher Agenda Publishing
Publication date 21 Dec 2020
Format Paperback
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Eric Lonergan, Mark Blyth

In Angrynomics, Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth explore the rising tide of anger, sometimes righteous and useful, sometimes destructive and ill-targeted, and propose radical new solutions for an increasingly polarized and confusing world. Angrynomics is for anyone wondering, where the hell do we go from here?

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