Journey books bring both fear and desire. There are no maps. The beginning of this book brought a question: what need are angels answering in the psyche? The answer brought the author to a realisation she imagined was impossible and back to a way of life she thought she had lost. When Suzanne Power began she had a loosely crocheted faith, and no definitive view on angels.

Her openness to the voice and experiences of others and her honesty about her own story made the journey a test of faith and a testament to taking the road less travelled. She found the angel of the unknown, the angel in us all and the angel in herself. She found that the Irish storytelling instinct, the Irish thirst for spirit, has not been stifled. The discovery of self is more vital in these new times. Many of the incredible stories that comprise Angel Journey involve water, as a symbol not just of physical voyage but of the deep unknown, the waters within us to navigate.

The book did not rest until Suzanne rang the final doorbell and the person who answered it offered the last synchronicity in a story that seemed to govern itself. Eighteen months after it began, Angel Journey is about God's messengers and messages. It is a book about angels, but not about chants or gilt, cards or divination. It is a book about light and dark; about personal triumphs and nervous breakdowns; about catastrophe and rebuild; about the messages from spirit that get us through reality.

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ISBN/EAN 9781907535147
Author Suzanne Power
Publisher Londubh Books
Publication date 20 Oct 2010
Format Paperback
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Angel Journey

Part memoir, part encounter, Angel Journey is about divine moments and the people in them. It’s a document of hope and honesty from a brave and thoughtful traveller.

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