Irish poet and scholar John O'Donohue shares with us the secrets of the ancient Celtic world. Using authentic Irish prayers and blessings, he reveals the treasures that lie hidden within your own soul.

He traces the cycles of life and nature, and draws from the holy waters of Ireland's spiritual heritage to lead you to a place where your heart can be healed and nourished.

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ISBN/EAN 9780553505924
Author John O'Donohue
Publisher Transworld
Imprint Bantam
Publication date 1 Sep 1999
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Anam Cara - Spiritual Wisdom From the Celtic World

Anam Cara - Spiritual Wisdom From the Celtic World

John O'Donohue
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Secrets of the ancient Celtic world are revealed, and you are led to a place where you will discover your own anam ċara, your true ’soul friend’.

’A rare synthesis of philosophy, poetry and spirituality’  Deepak Chopra

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