Fascinating insights into skirmishes between the IRA and the Black and Tans, narrow escapes, unexpected chivalry. Alias Seán Forde has interesting facsimiles of personal letters between Margaret Gavan Duffy and Mrs Malone showing their absolute allegiance to the rebel cause.
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ISBN/EAN 9781902232256
Author Tom Malone
Publisher Clo Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press
Publication date 22 Mar 2000
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Alias Seán Forde: The Story of Commandant Tomás Malone (Paperback)

The Easter Rising 1916

Alias Seán Forde: The Story of Commandant Tomás Malone (Paperback)

Tom Malone

Alias John Forde tells the day-to-day activities of the IRA under the command of Tomás Malone. On release from the East Limerick Flying Column of the IRA, General Lucas told British journalists, ’I was treated as a gentleman by gentlemen.’

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