In Lyon, the capital of the French resistance, a secret meeting is held under orders from General de Gaulle. The objective is to unite all resistance factions. The future of France is on the line.

But when the meeting is raided by the Gestapo under Klaus Barbie, the 'Butcher of Lyon', the plan disintegrates and the leaders are captured. The movement has been betrayed. There is a traitor in Lyon.

British undercover agents Jack Miller and Sophia von Naundorf are sent to France. They must find the informer and save the resistance. But the Gestapo is on the hunt.

More traitors emerging from the shadows. The net is closing. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781804363423
Author Alex Gerlis
Publisher Canelo
Publication date 9 Feb 2023
Format Paperback
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Agent in the Shadows

There's a traitor in the pack... Who can you trust? The extraordinary final instalment of the Wolf Pack series. June, 1943.

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