In fact, as this ingenious book shows, the original purpose of elections was to exclude the people from power by appointing an elite to govern over them. Yet for most of its 3000-year history, democracy did not involve elections at all: members of the public were appointed to positions in government through a combination of volunteering and lottery. Based on studies and trials from around the globe, this hugely influential manifesto presents the practical case for a true democracy - one that actually works.

Urgent, heretical and completely convincing, Against Elections leaves only one question to be answered: what are we waiting for?

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ISBN/EAN 9781847924223
Author David Van Reybrouck
Publisher Vintage
Imprint The Bodley Head
Publication date 7 Jul 2016
Format Paperback
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Against Elections : The Case for Democracy

David Van Reybrouck

Democracy is in bad health. Against Elections offers a new diagnosis - and an ancient remedy. Fear-mongering populists, distrust in the establishment, personality contests instead of reasoned debate: these are the results of the latest elections.

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