Journalist Catherine Cleary doesn't believe in someday lists. Instead of waiting for some day she spent one busy year trying to do things she'd always wanted to do as part of everyday life: mastering basic Mandarin, learning to pay the flute, completing thirty consecutive days of gruelling Bikram (hot) yoga class; gardening (in her case in a city allotment); improving her fitness and selling items she had baked.

She set aside part of her day, every day, for thirty days at a time to see what was possible. She talked to experts about the science of learning, fitness and motivation. She found pockets of happiness in daily life and had tremendous fun. By the end of the year she could still give masterclasses in procrastination but she has slowly figured out ways to manage or even trick herself into getting things done. It's still a work in progress, one given day at a time. The end result may well be a new book genre: the contentment memoir.

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ISBN 9781907535284
Author Catherine Cleary
Publisher Londubh Books
Publication date 20 Oct 2012
Format Paperback
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A Month of Somedays

Catherine Cleary

Have you ever longed to do something entirely new? Do you have a ‘someday’ wish list for that some day when there’s more time or space or money?

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