But it was also a city where ambushes became a daily occurrence and ordinary civilians were caught in the deadly cross fire. Restrictions on travel, military curfews and the threat of internment would ultimately make normal life impossible.

In A City in Turmoil Padraig Yeates takes up the story from the end of the First World War covered in A City in Wartime. He uncovers unknown and neglected aspects of the Irish revolution, including the role that the Bank of Ireland played in keeping the city solvent, the rise of the Municipal Reform Association to challenge the hegemony of Sinn Fein and Labour, how one of Ireland's leading businessmen started out as a bagman for Michael Collins and how, ultimately, many Dubliners found it easier to sympathise with the fight for the Republic than participate, or pay for it.

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ISBN 9780717154654
Author Padraig Yeates
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 20 Sep 2012
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:A City In Turmoil: Dublin 1919-21 (Hardback)

A City In Turmoil: Dublin 1919-21 (Hardback)

Dublin was the Cockpit of the Irish Revolution. It was in the capital that Dail Eireann convened and built an alternative government to challenge the authority of Dublin Castle; it was where the munitions strike that crippled the British war effort in 1920 began and it was where rival intelligence organisations played out their deadly game of cat and mouse. 

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