Welcome to BOOKS.IE!

Irish Books Direct, our pride and joy over the last three years, and Read Ireland, our recently purchased online bookstore, have joined forces to create BOOKS.IE

We have not changed our values at all. We still love books, especially books published in Ireland and with Irish content. We have broadened our perspective, to also include other great books, ie books that we believe will be purchased by our Irish customers as well as by other book lovers out there.

We also place a high value on customer service and ensuring that visitors to BOOKS.IE will have a pleasurable viewing as well as buying experience. With this in mind we have improved our payment gateway, to give you the customer a safe and secure and speedy transaction process.

We are an email or telephone call away should you need any assistance, either in finding books not listed, difficulty in processing your order, sending gifts to special friends and family, or any other issue that may arise.

You can find our contact details on our contact us page here.