Twelve odd years ago I picked up a copy of Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to reach Fat City at Heathrow airport on my way back to Dublin. I was drawn to the quirky title especially the subtitle ‘a grown-ups’ book for kids at work’, having a deep belief that I have never really every grown up myself. I finished the book before I got home and then read it again over the next few days.

A short book to read and digest but with long term implications and potential applications. Two important things happen when you read Adrian Webster’s book. One, you are drawn into actually believing you are or can be a Polar Bear Pirate; and secondly, you slowly buy into the fact that you can set your own course for Fat City! What is this place called Fat City and what is a PBP? Fat City is whatever you believe true success to be, it is setting goals for yourself, goals that you intend to achieve, finding personal fulfilment in life. PBP are firm believers in life before death, and that the journey to Fat City is a game, a ‘fun race with winners and losers, a game based on attitude that anyone can play’.

I have just finished Adrian’s recent follow on book, Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to engage the sleepwalkers. (2011) I enjoyed it so much that I went back to his first one to refresh my commitment to leave the world of Rock Bottom and stay the course to Fat City (as discussed in the first book). His second book goes deeper where the focus is more on being influencers of change to get others to pull away from the Planet of Complacency, rescuing sleepwalkers orbiting in its gravitational pull. Find out about your potential enemies, the Neg Ferrets, the Sinkers, the Bloaters, and the Head Threads. Learn about your TNTs (Tiny Noticeable Things) that have both negative and positive impact on your life. Train yourself (as a true PBP) to help others out of ‘the beautiful planet complacency’, a far more dangerous place than ‘rock bottom’.

I would definitely read both books. They are such fun, filled with humour, brilliantly motivational, and hugely practical. As Adrian Webster says,

“Polar Bear Pirates are highly focused, successful characters, they can’t help but motivate everyone around them and just like you; they love to have some fun”

Go ‘on now. Enjoy the fun!

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