It is so sad to see so many very young children with only one kind of meal on their mind, chicken nuggets and chips, with an occassional MacDonald burger, splashed down with ketchup and coke! What happened along the way to reduce their horizon of food? That's a subject for nutritionalists and young parents to try answer!

But looking at Neven Maguire's Baby & Toddler Cookbook, we see a huge step in the right direction. Start when kids are young, even as babies, introducing them to tasty purées and then progress to mashed foods that challenge their develping taste buds. Another important challenge and opportunity for parents is to get the chlldren to share the family meal from a very early age (one to three years old). The recipes he shares look great for the whole family. 

Over 200 genuinely easy to make recipes are hosted in this beautifully laid out book. A must have for the kitchen bookshelf.

Why is baby food and children's cooking so often seen as boring, bland, and not for adults? Here is a true celebration of good food for all the family, sure to leave the young with a 'life-long love of delicious and nutritious eating'.

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