Looks Like Rain

Something’s you may know about rain in Ireland, like rain is here to stay and the sun doesn’t always hang around too long, but in this book you will discover a plethora of information that you never knew at all. A miscellany of a difference, filled with trivia, historical facts, humour, quirky tales, and much more. In most countries it isn’t always easy to start a conversation but in Ireland we all talk about the weather, especially to total strangers. I think it bonds us to together, like sharing an umbrella. But now instead of communicating in clichés, this book will give you plenty of ‘did you know’ entrées. Too many to mention here, but a personal piece of trivia to end this blog: The book ends with the story of the filming of Ryan’s Daughter on the Dingle Peninsula, where the director David Lean had to put filming on hold due to no sunshine. He finally took the crew and actors to South Africa where he could film in glorious weather on a beach not dissimilar to those in Ireland. I’ve had the privilege of walking on both the Dingle beaches, as well as the one in South Africa. Anyone who knows where the beach was in South Africa? Let me know and I’ll tell you if you are right!
Looks Like Rain is a great book to dip into on a rainy day and a book to put down when the sun comes out to play! You may finish the book before that happens.

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