Classic Fairy Tales and Harry Clarke

Featuring some of my own personal favorite such as Thumbelina ,The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Wild Swans I found this book to be a treat to read. Accompanied by the beautiful and original illustrations of Harry Clarke, these stories have been brought to life in a way I have never experienced before.

Being honest, I did find myself paying more attention to the detail in the illustrations than to the stories, which, as adults we all know inside out. Although this book is intended for children, it will be a phenomenal gift for adults too!

Fans of Harry Clarke’s work will find it a delight, as these illustrations were the first time Clarke’s work appeared in print. This stunning collection will also undoubtedly, entertain children with the enchanting fairy tales by the brilliant Hans Christian Andersen.

A timeless classic to have on your books selves, that can be picked up and enjoyed by every member of the family, this book is the perfect gift for book and art lovers.

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