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Most parents (if they’re honest) feel really incompetent to give practical, clear direction to their teenagers when it comes to helping them find their career path. Of course we can give loads of encouragement and loving support but teenagers really need much more than that. They need to be helped - to discover, identify, and get clear focus on the pathways before them. The road before is the road never travelled before. Where do you begin? How do you even start the journey?

Dearbhla’s book Career Coach, just published, gives answers to many of your and your teenager’s questions. Using a carefully mapped out process and using a step-by-step guide, she helps start the process of discover, by firstly, giving you the parent a fast-track on being a life coach.  We do have a tremendous power of influence over our children and their choices.  And this book, if it does anything, will equip and inspire parents to embrace the positive life coaching role. Building on the kind of career your teenager would love to do, identifying your teenager’s skills – what they feel comfortable doing, exploring their values – what matters to them, setting goals and action plans, building inner strength and resilience – amongst many other things.

The book is accompanied by great quotes as well as interviews with people from various walks of life.

I found this a highly motivating and positive book, with bucket loads of practical advice and times of reflection. Personally I love dreams and dreamers (being one myself) and Dearbhla’s chapter on Encouraging Dreams is inspiring. As she quotes from Walt Disney:

‘If you can dream it you can do it. If you can’t imagine it, then it is genuinely impossible’

If your teenager has still to discover her/his dream or if their dreams have not been explored then this book will be of great help. Dearbhla puts it well:

‘Remember that life is a journey. Knowing your destination or dream vision makes it easier to take action and progress in the right direction rather than go round in circles’

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