Dwyer's Ireland: A View From Above - Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer has created an aerial photographic miscellany of Ireland.  Along with his wife Fie and over a period eight years flying in a helicopter around various parts of Ireland, they bring to the reader a varied collection of photographs, covering rivers and lakes, mountains and coastlines, as well as cities and monasteries.  This is a smaller landscape paperback, but packed with a 116 pages of photographs.


Ireland’s Ancient Stones: A Megalithic Heritage - Kenneth McNally

This hardback coffee table is not only a photographic book as it is accompanied by Kenneth McNally’s travelogue and hugely informative and interesting dialogue on the ancient stones photographed. His focus is not systematic as he goes with the flow, seeking out the more obscure, hard to find and get to sites. This is a collector’s item, especially for those interested in Ireland’s archaeological past.


Connemara and Elsewhere  - Nicolas Féve, Tim Robinson

This photographic essay by Nicolas Féve is a response to Tim Robinson's work on Connemara. The book also features three new previously unpublished essays by Tim Robinson. This total book is a breath-taking work of art. The evocative photographs, filled with meaning, combine perfectly with inspired writings of Tim Robinson.  This book is a journey for the reader, one that will require many pauses for reflection and contemplation.


Secrets of the Irish Landscape: The Story of the Irish Landscape is the Story of Ireland

This exquisitely produced book is a result of the RTÉ television programme of the same name. It celebrates the work of Robert Lloyd Praeger (as recorded in his 1937 travelogue The Way that I Went). It tells the story of how the Irish landscape came to be, from the end of the Ice Age until now. There are twenty-four contributors accompanied by an eclectic range of photographs.

   The Irish Light: A Collection of Landscape Photographs

My final two books are totally photographic with captions that let us know where the photographs were taken. They are both by photographer Peter Cox. There really is no need for extended captions as the photographs speak for themselves! Peter is drawn to the wild places of Ireland, covering landscapes and seascapes. His photographic technique and subject choices result in prints that are filled with emotion and feeling.


Atlantic Light: The West Coast of Ireland in Photographs

Newly published this month, this is a celebration of Irish seascapes. Peter Cox has added unobtrusive text to the photographs, thus sharing his photographic journey. He also gives us the camera settings, a great help for other aspiring photographers!  You will want to tear out the pages to have the prints, but that would be a shame, especially as you can purchase them from Peter Cox Photography in Killarney!